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Wisconsin Community Seething over Fate of Poached Buck


The town of Shiocton, Wisconsin is up in arms over the illegal poaching of a world class buck and they’re taking steps to bring the poacher to justice.

Cathy Anaya, owner of The Hometown Grill in Shiocton also owns the property next to where the big buck was illegally shot. Anaya echoed the emotions of many other friends and customers in the area when she said, “There’s a ton of emotion about it, people are angry, really angry.”

The massive antlers on the buck have made it the talk of the nearby hunting community for the past few years and as Wade Wheaton said, “It’s a world class whitetail, it’s 180. A 180-inch whitetail in Outagamie County is a huge deer.”

The community is outraged and now they’ve started a GoFundMe page to get the ball rolling to raise reward money in an effort to catch whoever the perpetrator is.

Wheaton said, “There are people out there that know what happened and I thought if we got a big enough reward up that somebody would come forward and say hey, this is what happened.”

In an interesting twist, one picture of the big whitetail was taken by a passerby as it was dying.


DNR Regional Conservation Warden Ben Treml was confident when he said, “Sometimes they take days, weeks, sometimes years, but sooner or later we generally get to the bottom of the illegal harvest or the investigation.”

Sometimes poachers take over the limit and sometimes they take what they believe to be an ‘easy’ trophy, but whatever the case, it’s done illegally and it hurts everyone. Law abiding sportsmen seethe at the idea of someone taking game out of season and this one was taken on January 22nd, and in broad daylight!

Anaya added, “Somebody just went out, wrong time of year and killed the biggest, bad buck that’s been running around that we’ve been watching, it stinks, it really does, whoever did this should be just mortified and ashamed and they should come forward and say look, I screwed up, be accountable, be a man and take your knocks, you did something really, really stupid.”

Information on the illegal killing can be called or texted to the DNR’s Violation Hotline at 1-800-847-9367 or report it online at the DNR’s contact hotline.

All photos via GoFundMe/Houndsmen4Justice


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Wisconsin Community Seething over Fate of Poached Buck