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Iowa Buck Rescued From Sinkhole [VIDEO]

Watch these three men work diligently to get this buck rescued and back to the wild.

This video was posted by Bryton Meyer, and shows the scene in Iowa after three high school friends saved a deer stuck in a sinkhole.

WARNING:  There is language in the video that is NSFW!


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Reports say the deer was found after a tractor got a wheel stuck in the sinkhole east of Decorah, Iowa. The three friends rushed to action, got a rope and clip, and went to work.

“I am an outdoorsman. I love hunting the animals and love to share the experience with others,” Meyer posted on YouTube. “(But) to share that experience is what we were going for, not to simply save an animal’s life, although I do show tremendous respect for the animals that I hunt.”

These guys prove they have what it takes to do what’s right, and get the job done. Had this buck not been saved, he could have had a very slow and agonizing death.

Well done gentlemen, well done.

[H/T Iowa DNR]

Editorial note: A previous version of this post stated it happened in Wisconsin.

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Iowa Buck Rescued From Sinkhole [VIDEO]