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This Wisconsin Bear Is Smarter Than Your Bird Feeder Pulley System [VIDEO]

Black bear with an engineering degree? This bruin outwits a pulley system to get at a bird feeder he desperately wants.

Cindy and Bill Rose live in a wooded area of Maine, Wisconsin. They are used to seeing all kinds of wildlife in their Marathon County backyard, including bears.

For about 20 years they’ve been filling bird feeders and watching critters both furry and feathered come and go through their rural backyard. But this is the first time they’ve seen a black bear with the ability to unravel a puzzle with such apparent ease.

As Cindy went to her kitchen sink to do the dishes, she looked out the window as she always does. She saw a familiar sight as a black bear was attempting to get at one of the Rose’s bird feeders that hung just out of his reach.

Cindy grabbed her camera, told husband Bill not to scare the bear off, and began filming. The couple watched, amazed, as the bruin climbed down the tree after his initial failed attempt to reach the feeder, walked to the back of the tree where the pulley system was located, and released the rope holding the feeder aloft.

He then walked back to the feeder, stood up and pulled it down to enjoy his reward. In fact, he ate everything in both feeders. To the victor go the spoils!

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“I’ve always thought if he’s going to get one down that’s their reward, they can go ahead and eat,” Cindy told  Molly Koweek for WAOW Channel 9 News.

This bear might even be Yogi’s smarter cousin. After all, all Yogi had to do was open a picnic basket, not solve complex problems.

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This Wisconsin Bear Is Smarter Than Your Bird Feeder Pulley System [VIDEO]