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Wisconsin Anglers Invent New Ice Fishing Device

Two Wisconsin ice anglers have put a modern spin on a time-honored ice fishing device.

BlueTipz, developed by Brad Zdroik and Bob Baddeley, is a combination of a Bluetooth-enabled transmitter and smartphone app that alerts ice fishermen when their tip-up has sprung.

A tip-up is a contraption that ice fishermen use to tell if they have a bite on their line. The ice fishing device consists of a spring loaded metal arm that is attached to a fishing line in an ice hole. When a fish grabs the hook, the metal arm springs up to alert a fisherman of a catch.

BlueTipz includes a wireless transmitter that attaches to the top of the tip-up. When the tip-up raises, the transmitter sends an alert to a smartphone device.

It’s a modern spin on an ice fishing technique used by fishermen for centuries.

“I like that we are taking the sport of ice fishing, which is centuries old, and we’re taking really new technology and applying it to the sport,” co-developer Bob Baddeley told the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Sentinel.

Co-developer Brad Zdroik said that he anticipates their new ice fishing device will perform well in the ice fishing market.

“The ice fishing market obviously isn’t as big as open water, but there is more room in the ice fishing market to develop new ideas just because it’s a little bit more untapped,” Zdroik said.

Check out this video of an ice fishing prank involving a Wisconsin ice fishing guide and his client. 

BlueTipz works on both Apple and Android devices, with a suggested retail price of $39.95.

For more info on the product, check out the BlueTipz website.

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Wisconsin Anglers Invent New Ice Fishing Device