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Winter Steelhead Caught in Niagara River [VIDEO]

This intrepid winter angler takes on the Niagara River ice and a huge steelhead.

Even the mountain of ice under this fisherman's feet can't stop him and a friend from wetting a line in the frosty cold waters of one of America's most famous rivers.

Steelheads run in the Niagara River throughout the winter months, providing one of the best sport fishing opportunities in the northeast.

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While we recommend getting to know your way around the Niagara River Gorge before embarking on this icy adventure, we know many hearty fishermen would love the chance to land a big lake-run steelhead.

Having the proper clothing and gear is a must for the cold weather angler. Having the desire to chase a big trout in the winter is something that you just can't buy.

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Winter Steelhead Caught in Niagara River [VIDEO]