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A Few Effective Winter Habitat Improvements for Whitetails

winter deer management

Hunting season never ends.

Just because you're tagged out or can't harvest whitetails anymore doesn't mean hunting season is over! Now's the time to start improving your property. Steal your neighbors' deer and keep the ones you have on the property. Check the ideas below to get you started.

Cut and Trim

Now is the time to cut back your trees. This can improve the overall health and quality of the tree growth. The trees are also dormant, so you don't have to worry about stunting their growth, disease, and of course bugs won't get to them. The idea is to get light to the floor of your property to encourage undergrowth.

Cutting trees down is also a great idea. You clear out more of the canopy for sunlight to reach undergrowth. You also can gain an area for a food plot. This will also help prevent the spread of disease and parasites.


Once again, use the plants' dormancy to your advantage. The survival rate is much higher when you plant during this time. Just don't dig the hole too deep and keep the roots at the surface. This also applies to transplanting trees. Make sure you have enough space between the plants when planting, take stock of the available trees, plants and forage in the area, and plant what's missing. For example, if you have a lot oak trees, plant some apple trees.

Hinge Cut

This is slightly different from cutting but really the same. If you haven't devoted an area to be a sanctuary property, do it now. Once you have it, take the trees on the perimeter of the sanctuary and hinge cut them to add cover. You can also use a hinge-cut tree to redirect deer movement by cutting a tree over a trail to redirect them.

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A Few Effective Winter Habitat Improvements for Whitetails