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Winter Fly Fishing in Colorado is as Good as it Gets [VIDEO]

Winter fly fishing is one of the best experiences you can have with a rod and reel.

Michael Tatro is a one heck of a fly fisherman, and GoPro extraordinaire. If you are fly fisherman, you might be able to appreciate his casting technique and presentation. If you are not a fly fisherman, you can probably respect the fact that he is freaking fly fishing in winter on the Taylor River in the middle of Colorado!

GoPro does it again with this video showing off Tatro's skills as both a fisherman and someone who may or may not be addicted to his GoPro. Just allow yourself to drift away on the current and enjoy the background tunes while we both wait on the take together.

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Watching videos like this make me want to make plans to fish a river near me this winter. Winter fly fishing can be pretty extraordinary.

Unfortunately, the backdrops and landscapes of Colorado add a bit more to the total experience than the tall buildings and smog of Indianapolis, but beggars can't be choosers - just whiners.

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Winter Fly Fishing in Colorado is as Good as it Gets [VIDEO]