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Winter Feeding Kills Deer in New Hampshire [PICS]

NH Fish & Game

Winter feeding has claimed the lives of twelve deer in New Hampshire.

Well wishing humans are to blame for the preventable deaths of 12 deer in South Hampton, New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department reported that they were found on March 20.

All the deer were found within 300 feet of each other. State biologists tested the deer to find the cause of death. The deer were found to have enterotoxemia, which is associated with rapid diet change attributed to winter feeding. Microorganisms that are necessary for nutrient uptake inside the deer themselves cannot process the change. This causes the deer to starve to death even though they are eating their fill.

Another bad situation that arises from winter supplementary feeding of wildlife is the animals are in closer proximity to each other. This can cause fighting between them, resulting in injuries. Also, diseases can spread quickly in the dense populations. In short, the taming of the wildlife from backyard feeding can negatively impact the animals.

Winter supplementary feeding, especially for deer, has been deemed dangerous to them.

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Winter Feeding Kills Deer in New Hampshire [PICS]