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What a True Sportsman Would Buy with the Winning Powerball Ticket

What would the ultimate sportsman buy with the winning Powerball ticket?

The recent $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot got everyone excited, and certainly got us thinking what we, as sportsmen and women, would do with all that money…

Then things got real. We quickly realized we could begin to get arbitrary with the amounts, and it still barely made a dent in the overall total. That’s just simply too much money to take seriously.

So hopefully you’ll excuse us for a little tongue-in-cheek list of what we’d spend the winning Powerball ticket on.

$800,000,000 to charity

First of all, so none of you think we’re conceited jerks, we’re going to take half of this unreal $1.6 billion and donate it to various youth hunting, wildlife conservation, disabled and veteran outdoor initiatives.

So that leaves us with $800,000,000, and now we can feel a little better about these ridiculous choices.

$3 million Vehicles

Every outdoorsman should be well-equipped with a variety of trucks, motor homes, ATVs, and other land transportation devices. It got a little silly to think of individual ones, so we’ll round up. There’s bound to be a million dollar car in there somewhere, too.

$3 million Private Jet

Yeah, yeah, we have all those vehicles, why do we need a jet? Overseas trips would become a big part of our lives. Getting outside more often and seeing the world is high on our list.

$7.75 million Alaskan Wilderness

Speaking of getting around, we’ll go ahead and pick a couple nice spots to post up and own property. This Alaskan mansion and surrounding scenery will do.

$8.1 million Michigan Game Preserve

Plus this Michigan House and Game Preserve, going for only $8.1 million. Imagine the deer that are on that place!

$25 million Superyacht Xhibitionist


Yeah, it’s the most ridiculous boat you’ve ever seen. And we’ll take it!

$25 million dream hunts for the rest of our life

All the costs would add up, we’d be hunting a lot.

$200,000 YETI Cooler for every day of the year

yeti cooler

Because why not? Everybody (and every day) deserves a YETI.

$250,000 Private Fishing Trip for 10 people

Hard to pick where, but since America’s own Florida coastline boasts some of the best in the world, we’ll go there. There’d be a private chef ready to cook our catch, and we’d probably want it to last several days.

$325,000 All-Terrain Monster

An EarthRoamer would be something for, you know, the weekends.

$250,000 Assorted Firearms

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The Atlantic

Yeah, that seems like a lot of money, but we’ve been eying a Holland & Holland Double Barrel, a Winchester 1886, and heck, probably a TrackingPoint Rifle or two.

$500,000 Houseboat

A Custom Built Sealander would let us feel at home on the water, and drop a line from our front porch if we so choose.

Since adding things up was getting cumbersome, we’ll bypass the actual dollar amounts now, and round out the list with a few more essentials:

Gear and Gadgets

We’d fill up on the latest optic technology, trail cams, hunting bows, stands, feeders, calls, rods, hooks, and fish finding gadget there is.

Outdoor apparel


Four season’s worth of hunting and fishing gear, for every weather condition. Oh, and footwear, too.

Knives, axes, and tools

We have to make sure we’re prepared for whatever situation we’re in, whether we’re chopping down a tree or trimming the fat from a backstrap.

Camping gear

We’re talking tents, stoves, packs, the works.

And finally…

Alright, it’s getting a little tiresome. Last few things? A couple of places we’d want to consider ours, that we’d never build on, never disrupt, and keep wild as can be.

Island in the Bahamas

Maybe we’d stop by to camp or cook a meal while fishing, but preserving a beautiful island rich in diverse wildlife would be a pretty cool idea.

Mountain in Colorado

Much in the same idea, we’d want to own some property in Colorado and keep it pure. Why Colorado? Good fishing, good hunting, mountains for days and some of the world’s most incredible scenery.

So, you’ve got some ideas now. What would you buy with a Powerball win?


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What a True Sportsman Would Buy with the Winning Powerball Ticket