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Always Follow These Wingshooting Safety Guidelines [VIDEO]

Safety always comes first when wingshooting.

Few hunts are more entertaining than wingshooting.

Whether you’re after quail or dove, wingshooting provides the opportunity to socialize with colleagues, friends, and family while on a hunt, and can make for a memorable time. More importantly, we want those memories to be happy, not tragic.

Watch this video from Texas Parks and Wildlife. You just might learn a thing or two.

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The single most important factor to consider when wingshooting is that safety always comes first. Wingshooting, perhaps more than any other game hunt, brings with it an element of danger that no other hunt does.

Just think about it: a group of hunters, all armed with loaded shotguns, walking together and just waiting to pull the trigger. Wingshooting requires hunters to be alert, aware, and safe.

There are a few simple things that all hunters can do to minimize accidents while wingshooting.

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First, walk side by side with your fellow shooters—do not get in front of anyone else’s line of fire, and don’t let anyone else get in yours.

Second, keep you gun aimed in front of you, and only in front of you. Probably the biggest reason why people get hurt during these hunts is that the shooter swings his shot to one side or another while not recognizing his partner next to him is in the line of fire.

Third, do not rest your finger on the trigger; rather, only touch the trigger of the gun when you are ready to shoot.

Communication is key—talk to one another. Don’t be afraid to let someone know they are outside of their zone or into yours. You just might save a hunter’s life.

What do you do to stay safe while wingshooting? Leave your comments below.

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Always Follow These Wingshooting Safety Guidelines [VIDEO]