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Winchester Impresses with the Launch of Winchester TV [VIDEO]

With the unveiling of Winchester TV, the best of the firearms company will be at your disposal.

Ever wanted to get to know the Winchester brand a little better? Now you can with the launch of Winchester TV.

Here’s a quick run through of what to expect from Winchester Ammunition.

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And for a taste of what’s available, check out one of the latest additions to Winchester TV, this short turkey hunting film called “Mantel of Shells.”

“We are constantly driving our customers to the outdoor networks that carry the current season of our branded series, but is our new resource where they can watch their favorite Winchester branded shows at their convenience,” said Brett Flaugher, vice president of sales, marketing and strategy for Winchester Ammunition in the official news release. “As the leader in quality outdoor programming we have an extensive archive of content that people deserve to see. Our partnerships with the networks, producers and developers have helped make a first-class experience.”

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Full episode streaming of popular programs like Winchester Legends, Winchester World of Whitetail, and Winchester Turkey Revolution will be available on Winchester TV, and there are no registration or fees attached.

Sorry if we just introduced you to your new time killer, just don’t get busted watching cool hunting and shooting videos while you’re supposed to be working or mowing the lawn. If you do, it wasn’t our fault.

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Winchester Impresses with the Launch of Winchester TV [VIDEO]