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Everything You Need to Know About the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Program

Every shooter dreams of walking up to the firing line in a huge competition and then shooting so well that we're recognized with awards, patches, certificates and other accolades.

However, for many of us, we'll never see that. At least not the huge competition. The Winchester / NRA Marksmanship Program offers is the accolades.

In am effort to recognize the everyday shooter and give us all something to work towards, the NRA partnered with Winchester to bring us an in-depth shooter's reward program that covers the gamut of possible disciplines. Awards cover categories from basic pistol shooting to air rifles to long range high-powered rifles and lots in between.

The program offers at-home and local range shooters the opportunity to strive toward recognition that is tangible and not just bragging rights. School groups, ladies organizations, Scouting programs, etc can benefit from this program.


Program participants can choose from everything from pistol shooting to long-range rifles. Each discipline walks a shooter from the beginners stages to advanced with the awards progressing as well. Program supplies can be ordered from the NRA and be on hand in advance for most of the early stages.

NRA Cert

Awards include certificates and patches. Shooters earn rockers to attach to the discipline patch as they progress through the stages. As they approach the Sharpshooter and Distinguished Expert levels, there are also medals and bars available.


According to the program website, "Qualification shooting can be conducted anywhere -- on public ranges, at your favorite club range, even on your own home range. BB and pellet gun shooters will find air gun qualification courses especially suited for informal home air gun ranges and family learning environments".

Another really cool aspect of the program is that, "Parents can shoot side by side with their children or start a neighborhood air gun shooting sports program for their children and their friends".

Empty Cases

There are a number of brief videos about the NRA / Winchester Marksmanship Program including this one.

The NRA / Winchester Marksmanship Program is a great way to bring some excitement, recognition and incentive to your shooting and family time. It's easy to get involved, economical and versatile. I encourage everyone to check it out.


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Everything You Need to Know About the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Program