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A Win for High School Senior in New York Yearbook Controversy [VIDEO]

yearbook controversy

Local Board of Education sides with high school student in yearbook controversy.

A student from Broadalbin-Perth, New York was told by her school’s yearbook committee that she could not include a picture in the yearbook because it contained a gun. The local Board of Education has since overturned the decision and Rorick is told that her photo will appear in the yearbook.

The picture was submitted by senior Rebekah Rorick for her senior photo. The picture is supposed to be something that represents you and hunting is Rorick’s hobby.

She said, “I’ve seen photos with people with their guitars and their horses and their cars and I’m like – this is just another hobby. This is a family hobby. And that’s what I thought when I took the photo.”

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Rorick was not content with just supplying a new photo, saying that hunting is her hobby and that she was proud of it. Rorick and her father took the issue to the county’s Board of Education meeting to try to get approval.

The superintendent of the Board of Education could see both sides but eventually sided with Rorick on the yearbook controversy saying, “I think the yearbook staff’s opinion was that that could be seen as a weapon…She was not holding the gun in a malicious manner. She is not pointing it anywhere. It’s simply to me, in my opinion, a nice photograph of a young lady in the Adirondack region that enjoys hunting.”

Rorick’s photo will appear in the yearbook as is and will represent hunting as her hobby of choice.

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A Win for High School Senior in New York Yearbook Controversy [VIDEO]