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Win a Chance to Be on ‘Survivorman’ [VIDEO]

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Do you have what it takes to make it on ‘Survivorman?’

Here’s your chance to find out. Les Stroud is looking for someone to join him on an episode of “Survivorman.” If you’re a fan of the show, don’t miss this opportunity.

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Check out the video below for an invitation and more details from Les himself.

Les Stroud is a true survival expert, having tested himself around the world in some truly harsh conditions. If you’ve ever been inspired by “Survivorman,” you need to check out this competition.

You could tag along with Les, without food, water, shelter, or support crews. Just you and him, working together to survive in the wilderness. Will you help him out or slow him down?

If you’re a good storyteller, have an eye for filming, and enjoy testing your limits, this could be the chance of a lifetime. Submit a 5- to 10-minute video showing your personality instead of survival skills.

Hurry, though. You only have until April 1, 2015 to enter!

Use the hashtag #survivormanvideocontest.

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Win a Chance to Be on ‘Survivorman’ [VIDEO]