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Wrangling Sharks in The Blacktip Challenge [VIDEO]

Christina Weber

The Blacktip Challenge is intense; the winner gets 10K along with the title as the ultimate shark wrangler.  

The Blacktip Challenge is a unique tournament with its very own twist. I’ve asked Peter Barrett of Barrett Rods to bring us along for a day in the life of a land-based shark fisherman. Peter is a south Florida resident who has competed in multiple tournaments across the state. See what makes beach shark fishing more than just driving to the beach and throwing out a line.

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The Blacktip Challenge is a land-based, tag, CPR (catch, photo and release), shark fishing tournament. This east coast Florida-based tournament debuted in 2008 by tournament director, Josh Jorgensen. Seven years ago when the inaugural tournament was held, the 14 competitors fished for a total of 3 months releasing 156 sharks. Currently, the tournament is three extensive days of fishing, beginning on January 28th at 12:00 a.m. and ending on January 30th at 11:59 p.m.

The Blacktip Challenge is capped at three hundred anglers this year with a team traveling all the way from South Africa – In the previous years teams have traveled all the way from Germany and Switzerland. There have been no records kept on how many sharks have been released over the seven years, but Josh said, “probably 500+.” Sharks tagged in this tournament have been used to help further scientific tracking and understanding.

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Wrangling Sharks in The Blacktip Challenge [VIDEO]