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William Yancy Feeds a Giant Non-Typical Booner In a Unique Way [VIDEO]

Ranew's Outdoor Equipment

Have you ever been face to face with a giant non-typical Booner? While we all may have differing opinions on elements of this video, the interaction is a glimpse into the playful side of a serious business.

The guy in the video is William Yancy, sales and marketing manager at Ranew's Outdoor Equipment. His company sells the Firminator, among other food plot planting equipment. He looks quite at home interacting with a non-typical Booner at a recent show.

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With heavy hitters like Hank Parker endorsing their products, this company is making their mark quickly. I contacted Ranew's and was told the video was filmed at the Monster Buck Classic in Topeka Kansas, and the deer is a farm raised breeder buck from Minnesota.


Now I know many hunters don't want to see a deer in a cage, but like it or not, breeding big deer is big business in this country. I was told this particular deer's owner guessed him to be a 330" class deer, and only three years old.

The deer doesn't have a belly, and although its legs are partly hidden by the deep straw in the enclosure, they do look long for its body. If you disregard the antlers it certainly looks like a three or four year old whitetail.

I had a customer once, who fed the deer on his property, and the does would come up and eat corn right out of your pocket. These animals can certainly tell when they are in a safe environment, or when they need to stay clear of man. Whitetail deer are amazing creatures.

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William Yancy Feeds a Giant Non-Typical Booner In a Unique Way [VIDEO]