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Where Did the Term Hunter's Moon Come From? [VIDEO]

Brush up on the history of the Hunter's Moon.

Every year around this time, the Hunter's Moon makes its appearance. In 2015, it falls on Oct. 27.

You may have heard the term, and maybe even made a point to hunt around it, but do you know where the idea comes from?

Typically, a moon rises 50 minutes later each day. But a HUnter's Moon (and a Harvest Moon as well) will rise 30 minutes later each night, meaning the times of sunset and moonrise are closer together.

Following the customary September field harvests, a full moon would easily light up the deer and other animals who came to feast on the crops, allowing hunters a chance at success as they prepared for the winter months.

A night hunt obviously isn't safe and not allowed when hunting deer, but you can understand the logic behind it. And when it comes to hogs and other approved animals that can be hunted at night, you can see why a full moon would certainly be a hunter's advantage.

Now that you get where the term came from, share this video with another hunter who would appreciate the knowledge.

Now then, what's this about a Full Beaver Moon?

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Where Did the Term Hunter's Moon Come From? [VIDEO]