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Will the Turkey Fan Umbrella-Style Blind Fool the Smartest Tom? [VIDEO]

27:3 Outdoors' new Turkey Fan may be a game changer for your spring turkey hunt.

The new Turkey Fan from 27:3 Outdoors is challenging the traditional spring turkey hunting paradigm. We all know the "right" way to hunt spring gobblers. Completely conceal yourself, blindly call until a gobbler answers, then cluck, yelp and purr in the hope of convincing him to visit your hen decoy.

Essentially an umbrella with a photo of a strutting tom turkey on the outside face, the Turkey Fan dares a gobbler to come take you on as a rival. No more begging a gobbler to come to you; you're challenging him for the hens. I spent last spring in some amazing turkey habitat for my wife's first turkey season, and we experienced all the frustrations of traditional hunting. Toms distracted by live hens or other toms, spooked by farm machinery, and just plain losing interest mere yards out of range. Very frustrating, and hard to explain to a novice hunter.


When I saw the Turkey Fan, I saw it as a real game changer. Sure, others have used turkey fans to get close to birds, but the versatility is what impresses me. It can serve as a decoy and bring aggressive gobblers to you, or cover to allow you to close the distance on birds that won't come in. Spot and stalk becomes a viable technique with the Turkey Fan, or it could be the convincer to get a bird those last few yards in a traditional-style hunt.

There are some obvious safety concerns that come to mind. You are imitating the bird you and if others are hunting, that has inherent danger. I'd never use the Turkey Fan on public land, or any land I was sharing with other hunters not part of my immediate hunting party. And be sure to check your local regulations to ensure you're staying legal with whatever technique you're using.

The new Turkey Fan is simply brilliant, and brilliantly simple. At a listed retail price of $119, it might just end up in our spring turkey kit. After all, I'm still on the hook to help get my wife her first bird!

I just can't help asking myself, "Why didn't I think of that?"

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Will the Turkey Fan Umbrella-Style Blind Fool the Smartest Tom? [VIDEO]