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Will This Month’s Super-Supermoon Be the Best Time to Hunt?

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The eve of November 14th will be a super-supermoon, here’s what you need to know about it and how it relates to your deer hunting. 

If you’ve been saving up your vacation days, then you are really going to want to pay attention to what’s coming up. The planets could be aligning, quite literally, for you to have an amazing few days of hunting towards the middle of November, as we will have a super-supermoon on the 14th.

Watch the video below to learn more about the science behind the supermoon.

Supermoons are actually fairly common, according to Business Insider, but what we’ll have on the 14th is a little more extreme. It will be what is sometimes reffered to as a super-supermoon. The moon, as it reaches its peak fullness, will be the closest to the Earth it’s been in the 21st Century, and the closest it will come until the year 2025.

A moon that much closer to us than normal, in mid-November, should coincide (and even set off, in some places) the rut. We’ll have to wait until it gets a little closer to the actual dates to see what the weather looks like and how that will factor into the situation, but as of now it looks like the dates surrounding and following the super-supermoon could be some dates that you might want to be “sick.”

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Will This Month’s Super-Supermoon Be the Best Time to Hunt?