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Will a Thermite Grenade Blow Up a Limo?

If you like big explosions, you will like what you are about to see.

YouTuber FullMag published a popular string of videos demonstrating the use of large firearms and explosives against vehicles and other everyday items. In their newest upload, the duo tests the effectiveness of a thermite grenade against a limo.

The results are surprising and the final video shot looks like something out of a hollywood movie. Check out the popular video here.

Well, not quite the result the pair was looking for, but an epic explosion at the end no doubt. How are thermite grenades actually used then, if not for big explosions?

These grenades can be used to disable vehicles by burning through the engine block, or disabling other equipment or vehicles. They can also be used underwater to destroy targets military personnel might have.

Although the temperature of thermite grenades reaches over 4,000 degrees, they have a relatively small area of damage. In the end they are more of a precision grenade than for mass damage.

Well, I guess the answer to the title is "no" a thermite grenade will not blow up a limo. But apparently the bag of explosives he threw in the car will.


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Will a Thermite Grenade Blow Up a Limo?