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Will Aesent Make the World's Most Comfortable Tent? [VIDEO]

Check out Aesent, a new camping tent with a built-in inflatable mattress. How has this never been done before?

So much of backpacking and camping is consolidation. Space and weight is always a huge factor when it comes to hitting the trail. The fact that no outdoor company has ever thought to consolidate a sleeping pad into a tent is mind-boggling.

Check out what could be the next big thing: The Aesent tent.

Dan and Justin from Eagle Mountain, Utah, have worked tirelessly the past two years to manufacture the most comfortable tent.

Why should you bring your huge inflatable mattress, or three personal camping pads? Why not just bring a tent that has a built-in six-inch inflatable bottom with rugged material? Enter Aesent tents.

This is a well thought-out tent with two doors for easy access and a fly that can be set up independently if you just want to bring a light shelter on an overnight trip.

If you believe Aesent is the next best thing, head on over to their Kickstarter page to pledge. You could be having the most comfortable camp out of your life as early as March, 2016.

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Will Aesent Make the World's Most Comfortable Tent? [VIDEO]