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Will Primos Gives the NWTF Some Turkey Hunting Advice

Turkey Hunting Advice
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The National Wild Turkey Federation does a great job of collecting and spreading turkey hunting advice, and this bit from Will Primos is pure gold.

When you first start turkey hunting, it can be hard not to get addicted: you’re always looking forward to your next hunt, your next time in the woods, and your next bird. But when asked what his turkey hunting advice would be, Will Primos shared something a little unexpected with the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Take a look at the video below and see just what it is that Primos thinks you should always remember when turkey season comes around:

Personally, I think this is amazing advice. Being able to take the time and enjoy the outdoors, the time in nature, and even nature itself without ever taking a kill shot is what separates outdoorsmen and true hunters from people who just like to kill animals. The more we can show people how to truly enjoy the outdoors, the better a name we can give hunters.

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Will Primos Gives the NWTF Some Turkey Hunting Advice