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You Will Never Want to Eat a Banana Again After Seeing This [VIDEO]


What would you do if a spider burst out of the banana you were about to eat?

It is a fear that a lot of people, especially those with arachnophobia, have. You grab yourself a piece of fruit for a quick snack only to find it hijacked by a spider. It is rather common for insects to get trapped in the harvest and shipping process of many types of produce, but most don’t survive the encounter to do any harm.

What if you find the lucky one that did though?

In this video, this is exactly what happens. Someone grabs a banana off their counter and catches what looks like something moving around under the peel. They grab their camera and begin filming a small spot that continues pulsing, until something very horrifying happens.

Spiders do not bother me in the least. I walk through countless webs while out and about in the woods, and always end the day with at least one of the little buggers crawling around me somewhere. That being said, if I was this guy I don’t think I would ever eat bananas again.

The good news is that this isn’t a real video, but an elaborate special effects short created by Kaleb Lechowski. The 25-year-old German animator is extremely gifted with creating special effects and uses them in a very twisted way, as you can tell from this video.

You may have seen some other work of his including the short, “R’ha,” that went viral almost two years ago and is currently in the works of being adapted into a full-length feature film.

Regardless whether you know it’s fake or not, it is still creepy and I’m sure it has made people worldwide double check their bananas before peeling them open.

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You Will Never Want to Eat a Banana Again After Seeing This [VIDEO]