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What Will an MP5 Do to an Electric Guitar?

When you take a working electric guitar, plug it into an amplifier, and then shoot it to pieces with an MP5, what exactly will happen?

What would you do if you found that you had an old, cheap electric guitar laying around? Well, of course the first choice is always to smash some pumpkins with it, but if that doesn’t completely destroy it you can always record a one of a kind song.

The sound of bullets flying into the live guitar. That’s exactly what John Hickok of Hickok45’s YouTube channel did. When the guitar was still alive and well after smashing a pumpkin, he hooked it up to an amp, cranked up the volume, and loaded up his MP5.

While it might have been quite as explosive as some of Hickok45’s previous videos, it is very interesting to see what effect the bullet impact had on the guitar and the sounds that it produced until it’s internals were no longer internal. Overall, not a bad way to send an old guitar to it’s grave.

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What Will an MP5 Do to an Electric Guitar?