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Will an iPhone Protect You From a Shotgun Blast? [VIDEO]

Watch as TFB TV tests the plausibility of an iPhone protecting you from a shotgun blast.

In May 2015, multiple news sources covered the story of a British man who survived a shotgun blast to the chest all because his iPhone 5c was in his front pocket. Photos of the mutilated iPhone 5c showed viewers that the smartphone took the brunt of the blast. Undoubtedly, this had a lot of people questioning the legitimacy of the story. After all, who would believe that a phone that usually requires a highly protective case to keep from shattering would realistically save someone from a shotgun blast?

James from YouTube channel TFB TV wanted to debunk the myth once and for all.

James puts two iPhone 5Cs and one iPhone 4 at point-blank range in hopes of proving (or disproving) the theory that an iPhone really can stop a shotgun blast. His first test is conducted by taping the iPhone 5C to spaghetti squash and firing his Remington 870 Police Shorty from 15 feet away.

Though the spaghetti squash is almost immediately demolished by the blast, the beads barely penetrated the back of the iPhone. So James had another idea. Using Gorilla tape, he taped the iPhone 4 to a tree to test how the phone would hold up against something more sturdy, only this time he was shooting from only 10 feet away.

Surprisingly, the only beads that penetrated the tree were the ones that shot to the right of the iPhone. After pulling the phone away, there was slight damage to the tree due to the impact of the shot, but nothing actually penetrated the iPhone.

By the looks of it, an iPhone can stop a shotgun blast, to an extent. You may walk away with a pretty nasty bruise, but I’m confident most would agree that that’s better than the alternative.

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Will an iPhone Protect You From a Shotgun Blast? [VIDEO]