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Will You Invest in a Fishing Line Welder?

Tauten Fishing Line
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The Tauten Fishing Line Welder has the looks to be quite an impressive tool, but will you invest in one?

Being released to the public just this week, the Tauten Fishing Line Welder is one of the newest technologies to hit the fishing market.

This little device claims to be able to quickly weld your line to your lure, eliminating the need to tie knots, and improving the overall strength of your line.

The Tauten Fishing Line Welder does look like quite a handy tool and one that could make fishing much easier for some people, but there are a few concerns over the device. Questions such as the fact that the weld counteracts the invisibility of fluorocarbon line under water is one, and the price is another. The pre-sale of the welder is currently $229.95.

But the longer you use it and the more of those expensive lures you are able to save the price may work out to your advantage in the long run. It may be the future of fishing…will you give it a shot?

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Will You Invest in a Fishing Line Welder?