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Will This Huge Catfish Even Fit in This Boat? [VIDEO]

This rough footage of a huge catfish will make you rethink your biggest catch.

First of all, this video from s1murph46 does not include footage of a “40 foot catfish,” as the description suggests.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge catfish, it’s just off by, oh, 30 feet or more…

It’s still a heck of a battle and one monster big catch, making for worthy viewing.

Check out some more huge catches:

Too bad the guys on the boat aren’t speaking our language, otherwise we may be able to pin down where this happened. That specific catfish would likely shatter most American state records, so we’ll assume it was from a foreign land.

It was nice to see the angler releasing the fish at the end, something that big deserves to keep swimming and pass on some of those giant genes.

Do you think you could reel in a fish that big?

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Will This Huge Catfish Even Fit in This Boat? [VIDEO]