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This Will Get You Psyched for Some Serious New York Steelhead Fishing [VIDEO]

New York steelhead fishing is some of the best in the country and it’s time to get out there!

Stream fishermen, gets your waders and your fly rod because it’s time to start walking those local streams for big, bruising steelhead.

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Ice out has come and gone; our New York streams are up and flowing and the Lake Ontario steelhead run is on. This is what gets our blood running to latch into a big steelhead.


Yearling steelhead are stocked in over 20 different streams and river tributaries of Lake Ontario in the state of New York making it one of the best areas in the country to target spring and fall run fish.

Although this video was taken while on a fall fishing trip to the Salmon River, the landscape is the same: bare trees, muddy stream banks, and cool weather are the order of the day.

New York steelhead fishing is primed and ready for the hardy angler who is prepared to stand in some cold spring water and wait for big lake-run trout to cooperate and take their offering.

Fly fishing tackle using 10-foot rods and seven-weight line are standard for delicate egg drifting techniques and are considered one of the best methods out there, but anglers with 8 ½- to 10-foot spinning rods and reels spooled with 6- to 12-pound test line can catch many of these spooky clear water fish as well.

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This Will Get You Psyched for Some Serious New York Steelhead Fishing [VIDEO]