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Will Ferrell and Robert Redford Debate Colorado River Restoration [VIDEO]

In this funny ad, the two acting greats hash out a Colorado River restoration project that could create a new fishing industry.

The Colorado River, which flows through seven US states, is one of the mightiest rivers in the world, but it’s Delta at the mouth of the Pacific has dried up. The river has been dammed and diverted so many times that its water seldom trickles to the Gulf of California. The Delta is too dry to be restored in its current state, but if more water flowed through, the area could become a prime spot for sport and commercial fishing.

Enter the Raise the River Project, a collaborative effort between a number of environmental groups to restore 2,300 acres of the Delta. One of the group’s spearheading the effort is the Redford Center, headed by none other than Robert Redford aka the Sundance Kid. Redford stepped in front of the camera once again to talk about the project’s mission to raise the overal water level of the river by 1 percent. That change could have a drastic positive impact on Colorado River restoration efforts. But comedian Will Ferrell has a different idea: Move the ocean. The two hash it out in a funny back and forth. It’s all tongue-in-cheek, and really some clever advertising, but the video worth checking. Watch it for the laughs and to learn more about a project that could help restore the Colorado River to its former glory.

Did you enjoy the video? Share your thoughts about the ad and the project in the comments section. 

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Will Ferrell and Robert Redford Debate Colorado River Restoration [VIDEO]