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Will Dead Animal Hides and Mud Defend Against Attacking Wild Bees?

Andrew Ucles tests the might of wild bees with a primitive suit of mud and the hides of a couple roadkilled animals.

Carbs come at a premium in the natural world and Andrew decided to run the risk of invading a wild bee hive for some.

The logic behind his "strategy" was simple: create a barrier between his skin and the bees' stingers that would allow him to dip his hand into the hive and scoop out a fistful honey.

I don't think the bees got the memo. See if Andrew got away with any of the sweet stuff.

The pain (and a torrent of cursing) begins almost immediately as he starts to scale the tree, but a few bees in the mouth and eyes weren't going to stop him. The camera remains trained on him despite his screams of pain and twists of agony. Does anyone else hear the cameraman snicker at 7:50?

"I can't feel my face, man. I can't feel my face."

That may be a good thing.

In the end, Andrew did get a bit of honeycomb, though he probably could have saved himself some time and effort by running up to that hive in street clothes and taking a handful. Maybe some good shoes would have helped him get away a little quicker?

If nothing else, maybe this video will make Ucles wrapped in animal skins getting stung by bees will appreciate a jar of honey on the shelf at the store.

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Will Dead Animal Hides and Mud Defend Against Attacking Wild Bees?