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Which Will Do More Damage to a 150-Pound Block of Ice: The .308 Winchester or the .50 BMG? [VIDEO]

Ever wondered what .308 Winchester and .50 BMG bullets will do to a 150-pound block of ice? These guys in Colorado were curious and decided to find out for themselves.

When they conducted their shooting test on the block of ice, these boys in Colorado were using two different Accuracy International rifles: an AT308 chambered in .308 Winchester firing 168gr Hornady A-Max bullets and an AX50 chambered in .50 BMG firing Raufoss Mk 211 rounds.

For those who don’t know, the Raufoss round is a Norwegian anti-material bullet with a tungsten core, and incendiary tip, and a small high-explosive charge and is used by many military forces.

Which one do you think will cause more damage to the block of ice?

I must admit that I was surprised at how much more visually impressive the .308 Winchester bullets were on the block of ice compared to the .50 BMG bullets.

This is likely because the .308 bullets were ballistic tipped and the bullets started to deform when they hit the block of ice.

As stated in the video, the block of ice probably did not offer enough resistance to cause the .50 BMG bullets to deform, yaw, or set off the explosives in the Raufoss round.

In either case, both of the hits were still pretty cool-looking and they got some awesome video footage!

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Which Will Do More Damage to a 150-Pound Block of Ice: The .308 Winchester or the .50 BMG? [VIDEO]