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You Will Crack Up When You Hear What This 3-Year-Old Calls His Bow and Arrow [VIDEO]

bow and arrow

This three-year-old is really excited about getting his first bow and arrow, but what he calls it will leave you in tears.

There is nothing more pure and hysterical in this world than young children. They are carefree and have no filters when it comes to saying what they are thinking.

The funniest moments are often when their little minds inadvertently mispronounce the simplest things, like bow and arrow for instance.

This three-year-old boy could not be more excited about getting his first toy bow and arrow.

His parents may need to help him work on how to properly say the words, as his pronunciation of the new toy will leave you cracking up.

I know this issue all to well, as do any other parents with small children. You just never know what is going to come out of kid's mouths and no matter how bad it is, you just can't help but to crack up.

While you will try to correct them, it's hard to get past the innocence and there isn't really anything you can do.

I believe this is one of the best parts about the Internet and today's social media age. Being able to share things all over the world about little moments like these can really brighten you day.

I just really hope he gets the correct pronunciation for bow and arrow down soon. As funny as it is, that would be really embarrassing to have your kid yelling, "I love my new boner!" through a crowded store.

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You Will Crack Up When You Hear What This 3-Year-Old Calls His Bow and Arrow [VIDEO]