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It Will Only Cost $10 Million to Renovate the Cody Firearms Museum


The Buffalo Bill Center in Cody, Wyoming is about to get another facelift – this time it’s the Cody Firearms Center.

The new Associate Curator Ashley Hlebinsky let a recent crowd at the Buffalo Bill Center know she was excited about the future of the Cody Firearms Museum. The Firearms Museum was opened in 1975 and has since established a reputation for housing the worlds largest collection of firearms.

Each firearm tells a story. Some of the stories are about the manufacturers while others are about the person or people who used a particular gun. Many of the firearms highlight an important period in history or an era of international travel. Overall, there are about 7,000 firearms in the museum including 64 firearms that are on long-term loan from the Smithsonian Institution.

Center executive director/CEO Bruce Eldredge also revealed his enthusiasm for the museum renovations. He did reveal that the board has approved a long-term strategic plan that includes “re-installing” the firearms wing.

“It may be three years before work starts, once plans are finalized and fundraising completed. It’s estimated construction will take two years,” Elridge said.

He also added that the renovations will “reflect an increasing high-tech approach” and a plan regarding “how best to present information and make it more accessible” is underway. The goal is to present a story line that clearly communicates the significance of the firearm in history and the role it played. Additionally, a way to make the history easy to understand to someone that is not familiar with it is being explored. Lastly, exhibits will be designed to appeal to someone who is apprehensive about firearms as much as someone who is very knowledgeable about firearms.

Fundraising is underway to raise the $10 million dollars that the construction and finishing is estimated to cost.




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It Will Only Cost $10 Million to Renovate the Cody Firearms Museum