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10 Best States for Bowhunting Whitetail in 2015 [PICS]

Will your state be one of the best states for bowhunting whitetail this year?

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By now you probably know your state bowhunting numbers for how the harvest went in 2014. Most states all went downhill. Unfortunately, this has been an ongoing trend for several years now. So how do you think 2015 is going to look?

In an entirely unscientific ranking, we have picked the best states for bowhunting and put them all up against each other. We looked at things like weather patterns, total hunters, total deer numbers, trends, and good old-fashioned gut feelings mixed with a hefty dose of local bias, and came up with the top 10 we think will have the best ratio of bowhunter to harvested deer.

The following slides are going to show you our predictions for which states will have the best bowhunting of them all starting at number 10, and ending at the future 2015 top producing bow hunting state. Will your state make the list?

Click through the slideshow to see our predictions for the best bowhunting states of 2015.

10. Georgia

GON Magazine

Georgia is flat-out one of the best deer hunting states in the country. There are many more deer than deer hunters and having the opportunity to take a buck in velvet is a dream many hunters share.

Lower hunter densities mixed with one of the highest concentrated deer populations in the country is going to allow Georgia to have one heck of a good showing for this year’s harvest.

9. Illinois

Whitetail Slam

Illinois has incredible deer hunting year in and year out. However, this year, Illinois will rank a little lower on the list. Higher-than-average lease costs and the lack of under-pressured public land will bring this state to the number 9 spot.

One thing in Illinois’s favor for this year is the amount of rain that the Midwest has received. Lots of rain usually results in bigger deer and a healthier crop of new ones coming up.

8. Kentucky

Deer and Deer Hunting

Kentucky is a big buck hunter’s dream state. Tons of access and high population numbers are found all throughout the state. This year, Kentucky is going to climb even higher on the list.

Just wait until the new numbers come out. Kentucky will be added to your new list of places to hunt before you die.

7. Texas

Affordable Outfitter

Texas is a dream destination of hunters all over America. This coming bow season will show exactly why. Good weather patterns allowed for strong antler growth and the bucks will be out in force for rut.

Pictures are going to flood social media of the monsters hailing from Texas come fall.

6. Arkansas

North American Whitetail 

Yet again, another southern state makes the list. To no surprise for many in the South, Arkansas has one of the largest deer populations around. Hunting pressure isn’t extremely high as compared to other states, so connection in bow season is a good bet.

Just missing the top 5, perhaps it will move up after the results come in after this year, Arkansas’s stock is on the rise.

5. Minnesota

The Sportsman Channel

Minnesota is a hunter’s paradise. Considering its near proximity to Wisconsin, the landscape is full of swamps, fields, prairies, and woods. All these features combined have created one of the larger herds in the U.S.

Look for Minnesota to be in the top 5 next year after impressive numbers from the coming season.

4. Ohio

Ohio Sportsman Outfitters

When it comes to the world of deer hunting, Ohio has been the undisputed champion of not only big bucks, but incredible numbers of bucks as well. Farm lands, woods, large amounts of public land, and large amounts of private land create an overabundance of shootable deer.

Ohio will produce numbers like Ohio always does during bow season, and like normal, will make you want to hunt it when the 2016 season rolls around as well.

3. Indiana

Camp Kay Outfitters

Holding down the number 3 spot is a state that is only on the rise for deer hunting and 2015 will prove it even more so. The highest amount of rain in Indiana history has pounded the Hoosier state this summer. You know that is going to produce some incredible antler growth.

Tons of crops with oasis woods dotting the landscape to the north, and vast Hoosier forests covering the landscape to the south, makes Indiana the place to hunt.

2. Kansas


There is one thing for certain in the world of deer hunting and that is Kansas is going to produce some of the biggest bucks the country will see this year. Kansas tends to produce more P&Y bucks per hunt than any other state and this year will be no different.

1. Wisconsin

Travel Wisconsin

Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Wisconsin. If there is one pattern that will hold true when the final numbers are tallied, it will be that Wisconsin will lead all states when it comes to harvested deer during bow season.

Wisconsin always has high numbers of deer taken, and with a harsh winter, numbers may be a little lower, but it will remain the king.

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10 Best States for Bowhunting Whitetail in 2015 [PICS]