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Will BaitCloud Be a Success or Failure?

BaitCloud seems to be igniting the fishing community all across America. 

The innovative product is exactly what it sounds like. It's a cloud that acts as a bait that lures fish. However, the question is will BaitCloud ultimately be a success or failure, or will it be just another gimmick for anglers to throw their money at?

How does it work you ask?

BaitCloud states that it "brings the fish to you by combining scent, sound and visual attractants into a single, proven, easy to use biodegradable product that is irresistible to fish."

Many avid anglers say that it most definitely will not be allowed in tournaments.

According to BaitCloud, the product is biodegradable and even edible, yet not considered a chum because there is nothing for fish to eat. It is used for all types of fishing such as vertical jigging, to shore fishing, even to ice fishing.

In addition, they even make several different varieties which include  corn, panfish, predatory, and catfish to attract different species. BaitCloud makes several other formulas as well.

The product comes at a price point of $10.99 for three. The product can be purchased on the website or at fish and tackle stores that are listed on the website.

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Will BaitCloud Be a Success or Failure?