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Will a Weapon Completely Submerged in Gun Oil Still Fire?

gun oil
Liam Crawford

Let’s finally put the “too much gun oil” topic to rest, shall we?

No matter which type of firearm you choose to shoot, there’s always the question of how much grease, gun oil or lubricant you should use. Some people say to shoot a dry gun; others say that every gun needs a heavy dosing of oil.

Check out how Larry Vickers gets to the bottom of this timeless question.

Well there you have it, doesn’t get much more honest of a test than that!

Regardless of whether you’re a tactical shooter, a deer hunter, or just someone who enjoys taking your pistol to the range on the weekends, taking great care of your firearms will keep them running strong for a lifetime. If you need a product that will clean, lube and protect your firearms, be sure to check out the awesome stuff from the team at Seal 1. Available in different formulas, Seal 1 does an absolutely outstanding job cleaning and protecting your weapons 24 hours a day.


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Will a Weapon Completely Submerged in Gun Oil Still Fire?