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Will 2015 Be a Record Year for State Parks? [PICS]

Keep up the traveling! We are on track for a record year for state parks.

The state parks system is on track for record-level attendance throughout the country, according to the Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

Letchworth State Park in New York announced a total of 526,000 overnight stays recorded at state park campgrounds around the country so far in 2015. This number beats the 2014 overnight stay number of 594,441.

And we aren’t even done with the camping season yet!

The Daily News Online

Letchworth State Park has already recorded 10,837 campground stays so far this year. During the total camping season of 2014, Letchworth only had 9,533 stays. This is a 13.6 percent increase in reservations and walk-ins within just one year.

Letchworth has also had a 13.3 percent increase in recorded overnight stays from last year to this year.

Another state park in New York, Darien Lakes State Park, has also seen an increase in percentage of stays at its campground from 2014 to 2015. They have had a 2.3 percent increase of recorded reservations and walk-ins and a 7.1 percent increase in recorded overnight stays.

Hike Thru NY

The Department of Environmental Conservation Acting Commissioner in New York Marc Gerstman states autumn is still a great time to go camping in the Adirondacks and Catskills.

October and September are great times for fall foliage and there are still great opportunities for hiking, paddling, and other outdoor activities in the early fall months.

It’s not time to quit yet. There is still time to pack up the car and visit some state parks around the country. You can be a part of this record year for state parks.

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Will 2015 Be a Record Year for State Parks? [PICS]