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Wildlife Photographers Flocked to Maryland's Conowingo Dam for Bald Eagles Day

The Baltimore Sun

Few things excite Marylanders more than Old Bay crab cakes, but bald eagle sightings are definitely one of them.

On Saturday in Harford County, hundreds of photographers, from the professional to the recreational, lined up along the Conowingo Dam for the third official Conowingo Eagles Day in order to capture the perfect shot of a majestic eagle.


Dozens of wildlife photographers, with tripod and all, set up early in the morning to wait for the perfect shot of the eagles, whether they would be coasting overhead or fighting each other for fish from the Susquehanna River.

When white water from the hydroelectric dam was released at 1:00 p.m., the photographers peered through the excited crowd of gulls in the air and strained to locate an eagle, when one finally appeared.

The photographers fell silent, and began snapping away, relishing the benefit of migration season for the bald eagles.


The promoter of Eagles Day, David Lynchenheim, told the Baltimore Sun that the Conowingo Dam is "'the premier place to see bald eagles on the East Coast,' also noting that wildlife photographers from as far away as Singapore have come to Conowingo for the high season of bald eagles, between November to February."

As many as 500 bald eagles have visited the Conowingo Dam per season, and the numbers keep growing with each winter.


Because the event was such a success, it will most likely occur next year. East Coasters, start making plans now to head to beautiful Maryland to snap your own photo of those bald eagles in flight.

All images via the Baltimore Sun

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Wildlife Photographers Flocked to Maryland's Conowingo Dam for Bald Eagles Day