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What To Do in a Wildlife Encounter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s what to do in a wildlife encounter with some dangerous animals.

Many times we’ll share videos of a bear encounter, a moose close call or some other dangerous interaction between man and beast, but what exactly are you supposed to do if you’re faced with that sort of situation?

The perfect approach for dealing with an encounter with any animal is debatable, but this infographic from does a pretty great job of breaking down the most proven strategies.

Take a look at the image, and click on it for a larger, zoomable version.


It’s interesting to see the different takes on grizzly bears vs. black bears, and slightly scary to think about actually trying to fight back if a wolf attacks.

Hunting, hiking, camping and even fishing can introduce unwanted interactions with large animals, and having a sense of what makes a difference and what doesn’t can be a life saver.

Have you ever experienced a wildlife encounter? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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What To Do in a Wildlife Encounter [INFOGRAPHIC]