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Wildlife Crime: Join the WWF Against Black Market Trading [VIDEO]


Join the World Wildlife Fund to help stop the explosion of illegal wildlife deals on the black market.

Wildlife poaching is an ever-increasing problem, especially in recent years, as the market for animal parts has exploded. Ivory, pelts, meat, and other animal parts are traded and sold on the black market, which has turned into a $10 billion industry.

Most are sold to Asia where they are used to make jewelry, aphrodisiacs, furniture, and more.

The main species targeted include elephants, rhinos, and tigers. For many of these animals, it is already too late, as they have been hunted to extinction. Thanks to efforts by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) there is hope to save other species before they vanish off the face of the earth.

It is extremely sad to see so much of our planet’s wildlife treated without the respect they deserve. Poachers see them as a price tag, rather than a living creature. When one species is wiped out, poachers just move on to the next until nothing is left.

Join the fight to help end one of the top five illegal trades in the world. Urge governments to push for harder laws against poaching, donate money to help support anti-poaching groups, and research any exotic products you may buy to ensure they do not use illegally harvested parts from these animals.

In the future, people standing together can put an end to the black market trade for animal parts and allow these animals to live in peace. For more information on how you can help or on the black market trade go to

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Wildlife Crime: Join the WWF Against Black Market Trading [VIDEO]