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The Wildest Coyote Attack Footage You’ll Ever See [VIDEO]

We’ve seen a lot of coyote attack videos, but this one is going to go down as the craziest.

Coyotes are the bane of the outdoors world – no one seems to like them, and with good reason. They’re known to attack livestock, get to your harvest before you do, and are all around pesky little buggers. Lucky for hunters who are missing deer season that coyotes are open season in a lot of states and make for pretty decent hunting.

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This video is not about hunting coyotes though, but rather what happens when one walks right up to you. Uploaded by Jeremy Frech (who you’ll notice by his accent is most definitely Canadian), he included the following description of this encounter:

Wild Coyote chasing me. Video taken in northern B.C Bites and gnaws on my boot. Will not stop coming after me.

Check out the video to see the coyote attack for yourself. Warning: Strong language used.

Not much of an attack, right?

Many comments on the video have speculated that the coyote was responding to the squeaking noise made by Frech’s boots, as coyotes often feed on mice and other small vermin. Others have said that the coyote is being playful. Regardless, it’s quite dangerous getting this close to a wild animal, and he is lucky there weren’t any other coyotes in the area to come and join the party.

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Still, an interesting interaction and honestly who doesn’t get a crack out of all the “eh?”s in Frech’s commentary.

Have you ever had an encounter with a coyote like this? What about an actual coyote attack? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Wildest Coyote Attack Footage You’ll Ever See [VIDEO]