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Wilderness Survival Nightmare: Woman Gives Birth While Police Fend off Bears

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A 40-week pregnant woman joins her husband for a fishing trip only to give birth to their baby in a forest surrounded by bears.

Aleksandra Matrosova's story is one a pregnant woman could only imagine in her nightmares, however this was very real.

In Siberia's remote taiga, the woman, at 40-weeks pregnant, decided to join her husband for a fishing trip. Being full term, she knew she could go into labor at any minute and coincidentally, that is exactly what happened.

According to reports, twenty-six year old Matrosova went into labor as she and her husband tried to make their way out of the taiga in their SUV to get to the nearest hospital. That's when things got sticky, literally. The SUV became stuck in the mud as the couple tried to head around the lake and down the road, which became impassible.

They called for help and as she spoke on the phone with rescuers, her husband left her, her sister and her sister's husband to remain in the car while he met with the rescuers on foot.

Press Photo
Press Photo

The day became night and the temperatures dropped, but this wasn't the worst of it. Matrosova's sister was on the phone with rescuers as they were instructing the mother-to-be how to breathe. The swampy area made it impossible for emergency vehicles to reach the expectant mother, leaving rescuers to find her on foot.

As rescuers arrived, police found themselves protecting the woman and rescuers from bears that began surrounding them.

The police used their service weapons to hold back the bears from coming towards the rescuers and Matrosova.

The baby was delivered and the paramedics and rescuers made their way back down to the town of Mirny, where they brought Matrosova to the hospital to further care for the baby. Both are expected to recover from the ordeal just fine.


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Wilderness Survival Nightmare: Woman Gives Birth While Police Fend off Bears