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Profound New Wilderness Film ‘We Belong To It’ is a Hit [VIDEO]

Stunning wilderness and Ray Mears’ thoughtful commentary could make this one of your favorite nature films.

Wilderness as depicted on film really doesn’t get any better than this.

We Belong To It – Ray Mears in Northern Ontario, is an award winning 14-minute film created by director Goh Iromoto. The film features well-known survivalist and bushcrafter Ray Mears, as he explores via canoe the Wabakimi Provincial Park wilderness in northern Ontario, Canada.

The film is fantastic, the production flawless, with a wonderful mix of big picture and small detail imagery. From island-dotted lakes and infinite forests to a single drop of water falling from a canoe paddle or a spark to light birch shavings for a fire, the imagery is riveting.

Mears thoughtfully reflects on the stunning Boreal environment, mankind’s relationship with nature, and how bushcraft enhances that connection by working with nature rather than against it.

We Belong To It won “Best Canoeing Film” at both the 2015 Reel Paddling Film Festival and the 2015 Waterwalker Film Festival.

The title comes from Mears’ quoting Grey Owl/Archibald Belaney at the end of the film:

Nature does not belong to us. We belong to it.

“That is one of the most profound statements in conservation that has ever been made,” he summarizes. “By somebody in love, and inspired, with the Canadian wilderness.”

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Profound New Wilderness Film ‘We Belong To It’ is a Hit [VIDEO]