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Wild Turkey 'Wanted' by Police on University of Michigan Campus [PICS]

Images from Mlive

A turkey becomes a campus celebrity with students and staff online, while raising concerns for campus officials.

An overly-aggressive wild turkey wandering around the University of Michigan's north campus is gaining notice for his antics.

The turkey has chased and cornered students and staff and has become something of a sensation on campus since it first showed up sometime in June.

"He hasn't hurt anybody, but he's a very aggressive bird," Melissa Overton, University of Michigan's Police Department deputy chief told

She says the bird has also been a problem when it has disrupted traffic on the campus by sitting in the middle of the road and refusing to move.


Campus police contacted the Department of Natural Resources who, at first, refused to relocate the wayward bird unless it was creating damage.

"Then we had further contact with them over the weekend and they seem to have changed their mind," Overton said. "We plan to relocate the turkey the next opportunity we get."

That plan may not prove to be a popular one. Since the turkey showed up, students and staff have taken a liking to the bird. It didn't take long for a parody Twitter account, "UM Turkey" to show up online.

"I don't always lay down in the road, but when I do, I make sure to block traffic," the account tweeted on July 10, along with a photo of the turkey in the road.

Numerous students and staff have also stopped to take selfies of the bird when they've spotted it.

"Almost missed the bus because I was trying to take a selfie with the north campus turkey today," Jamie Vander Broek said in a Twitter post a month ago.

Other posts to social media have also noted the aggressive nature of the bird and how people are giving it a wide berth. But until the law catches up to him, his "Tomfoolery" will likely continue.

Images from Mlive

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Wild Turkey 'Wanted' by Police on University of Michigan Campus [PICS]