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Wild Turkey Attacks Car, Boston Reporter Flees the Scene [VIDEO]

In other news, a wild turkey attacks a car. Wait...What?

Wild turkeys are known as being incredibly smart. Their eyesight and hearing can rival most animals in the woods. When a wild turkey attacks a car, it makes turkey hunters take pause all over the country.

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Out of all the effort turkey hunters put into to trying to bag a Tom, come to find out, you just need to drive around a compact car and those turkeys will come running.

As you are about to see in this video, Craig LeMoult, a news reporter with WGBH News in Boston, a wild turkey attacks his car and he gets it all on tape.


As most turkey hunters know, right around mating season, turkeys get real aggressive. They look for a pecking order and will take on just about anything that poses some sort of threat to their territories.

This little Jake in the video is just trying to prove he has what it takes to run with the big boys this spring.

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Wild Turkey Attacks Car, Boston Reporter Flees the Scene [VIDEO]