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Wild Siberian Tiger Runs Alongside Motorists’ Car

Siberian tiger

Check out some amazing footage of a rare, wild Siberian tiger running next to a car on a snowy road.

The Siberian tiger is one of the most beautiful, and rare, big cats on earth. Recent estimates put the population of the large feline somewhere in the range of 550 individuals in Russia.

Growing to sizes upwards of seven feet long and 450 pounds, the Siberian tiger is an incredible sight to behold.


Considering their low population numbers, seeing a Siberian tiger in the wild is a truly rare occurrence. However, a couple of guys driving down a snowy road were treated to a rare sighting without even having to leave the comfort, or safety, of their car. The motorists slowed down as they approached something sitting in the middle of the road.

As they got closer, the object turned out to be a large Siberian tiger. The tiger stands up as the car gets closer and begins to run alongside the car. Although the motorists soon sped up and drove off as the tiger headed towards the woods, their brief sighting put the beauty and power of the animal on full display.

Judging from their reaction, the people in the car got a pretty big adrenaline rush from seeing the big cat up close. They laughed in excitement, and probably of a little stress, and were obviously happy to catch their sighting on camera. Hunters will be very familiar with what the people in this video were feeling.



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Wild Siberian Tiger Runs Alongside Motorists’ Car