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Wild Revue: Ice Auger Rodeo Fails [VIDEO]

It’s ice fishing season, and you know what that means…ice auger rodeos.

There’s nothing like the thrill of sitting on top an electric ice drill, opening up the throttle, and spinning around like an astronaut training for orbit. Ah, the joys of ice fishing boredom. Riding the auger is tons of fun, but be careful. The dizziness usually leads to a crash. A hilarious crash. Because you’re drunk.

This week on the Wild Revue, Kurt and I tune in for the National Ice Auger Rodeo Finals, the first event of its kind. We promise there are some hilarious crashes involved. We also take a look at 10 celebrities who hunt and share some videos of the biggest lunkers ever pulled through ice.

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Wild Revue: Ice Auger Rodeo Fails [VIDEO]