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The Wild Man-Eating Tigers of India and Bangladesh

man-eating tigers

These intimidating man-eating tigers are the only ones doing any hunting in the Indian Sundarbans.

Tigers have exceptional peripheral and night vision which makes them ultimate hunters. Most of the wild tigers left in Asia live in the Indian Sundarbans. This region is frequently referred to as one of the most dangerous places on earth since many of these tigers regard humans as easy prey instead of a last resort. Researchers estimate that over 100 tigers live in this area.

Big-cat biologist Alan Rabinowitz took a trip into the swamps of Sundarbans, locally known as Tigerland. The reason for his visit was to help further conservation efforts for these majestic creatures. Since he was a young adventurer, he has been fascinated by tigers and has devoted his life to their conservation.

Image via Flicker/Nara Simhan
Flickr/Nara Simhan

Over a decade ago, around 100 people would lose their lives due to the tigers. Thankfully, with education and rapid-response ranger teams this number has been lowered to an average of six people every year. People who trespass the forest and are killed in the process receive no sympathy from the government. However, people who enter the forest legally and are attacked are compensated for their loss, or their families are.

Tiger population numbers are dwindling. They used to be over 100,000 a hundred years ago according to Rabinowitz, but now stand around 3,200 or lower. More education and conservation is needed to protect these magnificent man-eating tigers from complete extinction.

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The Wild Man-Eating Tigers of India and Bangladesh