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'Wild Harvest': Why We Need to Hunt Our Food [VIDEO]

In truly the most effective and moving way, Native Boy shows us just how important it is becoming for us to hunt what we eat in this film short 'Wild Harvest.'

This short cinematic piece 'Wild Harvest' has been making an impact on the film industry and can hopefully do the same for our youth. It is time that we as millennials start hunting.

Food comes to us by any means, some means we are not even sure of, and Michael J. Parker wants to remind us that it is up to us to decide how far we want to be removed from that process. These days everyone wants to know where their food came from, is it safe to eat, etc. When you kill your own meat you do not have to ask those questions.

I think from this beautiful and moving video you can see the profound effect his first hunt had on Michael Parker.


When Parker went out with Henry Roosevelt of Native Boy Films to capture their hunt with a seasoned hunter in Montana, he noted that the emotions that come with killing a deer are something that we as hunters should embrace and not just shrug off.  I think this video captures all those emotions. The excitement, the novelty, the work, the joy of eating your harvest, and even the gross parts.

The effects of animal food production are high as far as environmental cleanup and social costs. People used to have a close relationship with their food and how they acquired it. It is time we get back to that.

We must hunt.

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'Wild Harvest': Why We Need to Hunt Our Food [VIDEO]