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Wild Game Restaurants Across the Country [PICS]

You may have to travel far and wide, but if you look hard enough, you can find wild game on a menu all over the country. 


When people develop a taste for wild game such as venison, pheasant, or even duck, no other meat can take its place.

The following slide show shows off some famous wild game restaurants and even some best kept secrets from each state that serves up a game option on the menu.

Follow along slide by slide and see how many of these great wild game restaurants you can check off the list on your next road trip.

Alabama - The Hound

Trip Advisor

Located in Auburn, Alabama, The Hound offers specialty wild game nights several times a month. If you are in the area, you just may want to call ahead to see if you are there on one of those nights.

Alaska - The Pump House

Explore Fairbanks

The Pump House in Fairbanks, Alaska has a regular menu option of reindeer and elk steaks. The problem is trying to decide which one to eat!

Arizona - The Wild Side Grill

The Wild Side Grill

Someday you will find yourself hungry while driving through the state of Arizona near the town of Queen Creek. When that happens, pull into the Wild Side. You're welcome.

Arkansas - Brave New Restaurant

Ark Times

Just like the name, the Brave New Restaurant located in Little Rock has some bold menu options for people looking to take a ride on the wild side. Stuffed quail and duck that are featured regular options are sure to please.

California - Saddle Peak Lodge


Some parts of California can be a little over the top to people that just aren't used to that type of lifestyle. When it comes to Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas, any outdoorsman would feel right at home. Menu options include trout, duck, elk, and other exotic game.

Colorado - The Fort

Viva Colorado

Just southwest of Denver is a one of kind eating destination rolled up inside a fort. Hence the name. This place has been featured on television and in magazines all over the country. You will find elk, quail, buffalo, and other game meats daily.

Connecticut - Adrienne


This is a small little restaurant in New Milford with tons of charm and wild game on the menu. Customers can try pheasant, quail, venison, fresh caught seafood, and duck.

Delaware - Half Moon Restaurant and Saloon


This place has by far one of the more exotic offerings of game meats on the menu with options of kangaroo, alligator, quail, venison, bison, and elk. Not only is there great food, but also lots of beer.

Florida - The Fish House


How can a top wild game restaurant slide show be complete without including a place that takes fish right out of the ocean and puts them on the menu? The Fish House in Key Largo does just that.

Georgia - The Cellar

Times Herald

If you are in the mood for antelope, wild boar, or kangaroo, then you are in the right place. Located in Newnan, The Cellar is a place you don't want to miss.

Hawaii - Boat Landing Cantina

Hilton Waikoloa Village

Hawaii is known for a lot of things but hunters know Hawaii is known for its large wild boar population. With this in mind, the Boat Landing Cantina located on the Big Island, serves wild boar tacos to all the tourists stopping by.

Idaho - GW Hunters

CDA Press

When a place advertises that they have wild game, you know it must be good. GW Hunters is found inside Post Falls, if you are ever in the area. Be sure to ask for the elk lasagna, alligator, or yak burgers when you stop in too.

Illinois - 1776

1776 Restaurant

1776, found near Crystal Lake, offers wild game chili and Indian wild game sticks as appetizers. There is also wild caught salmon on the menu as well.

Indiana - Bubs Burgers


Bubs burgers is home to the Big Ugly Elk Burger. If you can eat this one pound burger you will get your picture on the wall. I have experienced this burger in person and it is reason enough to make the trip to downtown Carmel to try it yourself.

Iowa - Hessen Haus

Hessen Haus

If you want a good bar atmosphere, German food, and wild game, then you came to the right place. Look for fresh alligator, wild boar, and even a quesadilla of duck and more wild boar.

Kansas - 4 Olives

502 Media Group

Manhattan, Kansas may be home to Kansas State University but for the wild game lovers in the area, Manhattan is famous for 4 Olives with duck and wild boar on the menu.

Kentucky - The Game

Heaven is a Buffet

The Game, also connected to Hammerheads in Louisville, has more game meats on the menu than most. From antelope burgers, bison, elk, venison, boar, to duck, The Game has it all.

Louisiana - Revolution


If you are looking for a truly original wild game experience close to New Orleans, expert chefs, Folse and Tramonto, open up their kitchen and cook on display in front of the entire restaurant as they prepare their food. Just be sure to ask for the quail or duck.

Maine - White Wolf Inn

White Wolf Inn 

Found in small town Stratton, the White Wolf Inn boasts venison tips with wild mushrooms and elk steak with blueberry sauce.

Maryland - The Lodge


Fredrick, Maryland has one heck of a good spot to find game options all over the menu. The Lodge has many dishes that include venison, elk, boar, and kangaroo.

Massachusetts - Tip Tap Room

Dig Boston

Someday when you find yourself in Boston and are craving the taste of ostrich, stop in the Tip Tap Room and get your fill. You will also find wild boar, king salmon, and duck.

Michigan - Timbers Inn


Michigan is known as a sportsman's paradise. That especially rings true at the Timbers Inn located in Rockford. This restaurant has fresh caught walleye, perch, salmon, buffalo, elk, and venison.

Minnesota - Heartland

 Visit Saint Paul

Found in St. Paul, Heartland offers a menu that constantly changes based on what farmers bring to their door for the chefs to cook. Most often, trout, elk, and venison are nightly offers.

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Mississippi - Woody's

Woody's Steak

Tupelo has many steak houses but none that offer a game menu like Woody's. From bison, gator, quail, and a plate that is even called Get A Little Wild, your taste buds are sure to be satisfied.

Missouri - Amber's Wild Game Grill


I think Missouri has one burger place that has really figured it out. As you can see by the menu options above, there isn't much wild game that isn't on the menu.

Montana - Bucks T-4

Bucks T-4

Big Sky Country has residents and tourists with big appetites. Thank goodness for Bucks T-4. You can find duck, deer, and pheasant along with walleye, buffalo, and trout.

Nebraska - Ole's Big Game Restaurant

Ole's Big Game Restaurant

Nebraska was once home to one of the largest bison populations on the planet. With that in mind, you won't be able to find a better bison steak or burger in the U.S.

Nevada - Lone Eagle Grille

Lone Eagle Grille

Nevada is a beautiful place with landscapes that can rival any state. Found in Incline Village, Lone Eagle boasts a view that can make a wild game meal of elk or king salmon that much better.

New Hampshire - Hungry Buffalo

Hungry Buffalo

Burgers are burgers are burgers unless a burger is made of antelope, venison, elk, or wild boar. In that case, you need to get to Loudon and see everything the Hungry Buffalo has to offer.

New Jersey - Clydz


If you can handle hanging out in New Jersey (sorry New Jersey), then Clydz should be the place you go. With options like python ravioli, alligator in a blanket, kangaroo loin, and a venison rack chop, you will be glad you did.

New Mexico - The Ranchers Club

NM Gastronome

If there is one place in this country where just about any wild game could be on the menu, it is right here.

New York - Braai


Found in New York, New York, Braai is a South African restaurant that has venison and ostrich on the menu daily.

North Carolina - Gamekeeper


The Gamekeeper, located in Boone, has a full menu of wild game, hence the name. You can order elk racks, ostrich, a full line of wild caught fish, crawfish, and fowl.

North Dakota - 10 North Main

North Dakota is state famous for deer, elk, buffalo, antelope, and most other western game animals. They can all be found on the menu at 10 North Main located in Minot.

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Ohio - Grouse Nest

Grouse Nest

Some days a guy just needs a good venison burger. Well, the Grouse Nest is the place to go near South Bloomingville. If it's not venison, then how about some of their fresh catfish?

Oklahoma - Wild Country Meats

Wild Country Meats

Nestled deep within the heart of Oklahoma, found in the town of Hominy, lies a small country restaurant that serves one of the best elk or bison burgers around. You can even step it up a notch and ask for the Heart Attack version if you so desire.

Oregon - The Kingdom of Roosevelt

The Kingdom of Roosevelt

Portland, Oregon not only has one of the best restaurants in the state located within its city limits, it also offers one of the best wild game menus as well. You can choose from duck, elk, sturgeon, varieties of wild salmon, rabbit, fallow deer, and elk.

Pennsylvania - Woods Creek Grill

Penn Live

The next time you are in Jamestown, head over to Woods Creek Grill and get a nice plate of elk or quail among other wild game dishes.

Rhode Island - Fred and Steve's Steakhouse

Going Out

You were probably thinking that there was no way we could find a wild game restaurant in Rhode Island. Well, we did. Located in Lincoln, Fred and Steve's specializes in elk, wild caught ocean fish, and venison.

South Carolina - Saskatoon


Greenville has plenty of great restaurants that feature a lot of great southern food. However, Saskatoon has southern food and wild game meats. Choose from elk, ostrich, buffalo, duck, trout, and salmon.

South Dakota - Powder House


South Dakota is home to Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, and Sturgis. Also found in South Dakota, located in Keystone, is the Powder House, famous for amazing meals of buffalo, elk, and venison.

Tennessee - Caney Fork

Hungry Wanderers

Nashville attracts people from all over the country to its bright lights and concerts. The next time you might find yourself in that neck of the woods, give Caney Fork a try. Gator, elk, and venison sausage are what most people tend to order.

Texas - Sammy's Wild Game Grill

002 Mag

The winner of the most original wild game restaurant might just go to this little Houston eatery. Sammy's has wild game burgers of water buffalo, venison, antelope, and elk. On top of that, Sammy's also offers wild game sausage of duck, pheasant, rabbit, elk, and buffalo. This is truly a must-try stop on the list.

Utah - Cafe Diablo

Cafe Diablo

Crab cakes might be all the rage on the East Coast, but when it comes to the town of Torrey, rattlesnake cakes take the...cake. Cafe Diablo uses whole filleted rattlesnakes to make this appetizer that you need to try.

Vermont - Mary's Restaurant

Baldwin Creek 

Located in Bristol, inside the Inn at Baldwin Creek, Mary's Restaurant takes wild game from the field to the table in a way only a chef can do. During the fall, they even have special wild game nights where different game meats are prepared in original ways for their customers.

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Virginia - Freemason Abbey

Flickr/Harpo 42

When it comes to Virginia on a Friday night, you want to be near Norfolk when Freemason Abbey has their wild game nights showcasing game meats from all over the country.

Washington - Ed's Kort Haus

Seattle Mag

Here's something you don't find just anywhere. Camel, reindeer, llama and alligator burgers are an everyday menu item at Ed's in Seattle.

West Virginia - Bavarian Inn


The Bavarian Inn outside of Shepherdstown hosts weddings, gatherings, reunions, and wild game dinners that have to be tasted to be believed.

Wisconsin - Hinterland

On Milwaukee

Hinterland in Milwaukee has quail that people travel all over the city to try. If you are ever just passing through, stopping in might be worth your time.

Wyoming - The Gun Barrel

The Gun Barrel 

The Gun Barrel has plenty of wild game meats like elk, bison, and even mixed plates that offer combos of every game option on the menu. Next time you plan a vacation out west, swing into Jackson Hole and dig in.

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Wild Game Restaurants Across the Country [PICS]